Benefits of a Secure Online Data Repository

Secure Online Data Repository (SODR) is a huge database that collects, organizes and maintains information sets to be used to analyze and report. It employs structured organizational methods, standardized schemas and metadata to make data easy to find. It also allows for the storage of multiple sources of data in one location to make it easier to integrate.

A centralized system provides a consistent set of management procedures and compliance with regulations for example, managing how long data should be kept, or how it must be securely eliminated. Data repositories generally M&A dealmakers have strong access control mechanisms, which include restricted permissions that restrict users to certain data segments, which makes it more difficult for hackers to attack individual data points. They may also have tools for monitoring the patterns of data access. This makes it easier to identify suspicious actions.

Data quality is improved Many repositories provide features for cleansing data and assurance of quality which improves the reliability of business intelligence and analytics efforts. This method can lead to redundancy, which can lead to higher storage costs and makes it more difficult for data to migrate.

Security: Data repositories can be targets for cyber-attacks, which is why it is essential to put in place strict security measures. They also keep regular backups, as well as strict access control.

A well-built data repository can aid your company’s goals for business intelligence and analytics, while protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access and helping you comply with regulations like GDPR. Lepide Data Security Platform allows you to scan your repository and find sensitive data. It automatically categorizes the data once it is detected and allows you to set up access control policies.